Sustaining Development stands for co-creating a better world starting with the Sustainable Development Goals established in 2015 by the United Nations.

These goals contain a series of concepts which we need to have a closer look at in order to be able to understand the challenges we are facing and to turn them into opportunities for a better world for all of us.

Sustainable Development is a term which was coined in 1987 in Our Common Future Report of the UN, also known as the Brundtland Report, and implies that we satisfy our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. It is a concept with three main dimensions: a social, an economic and an environmental one. Often it is shown as the following Venn Diagram with Sustainable Development at the intersection of the three.

There are two main aspects that I would like to underline regarding Sustainable Development and which are key elements for our journey. Continue reading here.


SDG 17: Targets and Indicators related to Systemic Issues

Goal 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development regarding systemic issues Policy and institutional coherence Target 17.13 Enhance global macroeconomic stability, including through policy coordination and policy coherence Indicator 17.13.1: Macroeconomic Dashboard Target 17.14 Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development Indicator 17.14.1: Number …


After immersing myself more and more into the SDGs, they have become for me a great starting point for our understanding and actions around sustainable development. As concrete challenges and goals they give us a direction and they are embedded in the three dimensions of sustainable development as part of this larger whole. They also provide us with a universal language and basis on which to build a better future together as global citizens.

An essential step that will allow us to achieve these goals is by turning these challenges into opportunities taking into account the following premises to change our mindset:

  • sustainable development issues affect a very wide range of situations and therefore require an equal amount of new and innovating solutions
  • we, as human beings, come with the great skill of creativity which nowadays is not only in great demand for the future of human work but also for creating a better world
  • thanks to our array of human abilities we have come this far and have experienced an especially fast speed of progress in the last century
  • the knowledge which has arisen at the same time and the possibilities of new technologies of the present moment provide us with many options for the construction of truly sustainable solutions
  • all of us have to be part of this construction since each of us brings an important piece to the whole puzzle

As I have seen in my personal process, greater awareness comes through knowledge, experience and putting everything into the bigger picture. The urgent bigger picture that is affecting all of us is to create a sustainable living space for all.

Since this has emerged for me as not only urgent, but also important and given my background I considered that maybe I would be able to help advance in this necessary transformation by sharing knowledge to create awareness which turns into a commitment of more and more people towards a sustainable future for all. This is what I try with the content of this blog.

Another crucial part to achieve the SDGs is collaboration, so outside of this virtual space I am constantly looking for fellow travelers to supplement my knowledge on this broad variety of issues encompassed in sustainable development.